ENERGY DEREGULATION What The Experts Are Saying About Deregulation and Our Opportunity

Deregulation by the Public Utility Commission (PUC) of many states has created competition for natural gas and electricity supply. This allows consumers to choose their energy supplier, and it’s also creating a unique and profitable new opportunity for people just like you. With Power Priced you get the largest commercial/residential energy footprint in the marketplace – 35 out of the 35 deregulated states.


  • Deregulated Energy in 35 States
  • People Have a CHOICE
  • Supply Makes Up 70% of the Bill
  • Residential Natural Gas
  • Residential Electricity
  • Commercial Natural Gas
  • Commercial Electricity
  • Local Utility Still Bills the Customer
  • It’s a Trillion Dollar Industry

About Power Priced

Founded in 2008, Power Priced is 100% debt-free, solid, experienced, and committed to YOUR financial freedom. We’re an innovative company offering households the freedom to choose their energy carriers, options in home automation products and, at the same time, providing savvy entrepreneurs the opportunity of a lifetime.

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