DIRECT SELLING Endless Opportunities for Consultants in Power Priced

As a direct sales representative, you have joined the ranks of millions of entrepreneurs and self-starters who are passionate about their work. You have stepped into a brand new world where working is not just about earning a salary. Here in the direct selling industry you can make a name for yourself as you work toward independence, flexibility, and long-lasting success.

Your world may never be the same again.

The numbers show that our direct sales products and programs have drastically changed the futures of hard-working people just like you. As a professional Consultant of Power Priced, you can experience a better way to approach your business as well as secure financial freedom.

We offer products and services that people use every single day habitually: Natural gas and Electricity. So, there’s no convincing and no selling – just choice in products and services they already purchase month after month, and the potential to create a lifetime residual income for you.

ENROLL Customers -

  • Enroll Customers -
  • Get Customer Qualified - (3 customer points = $100 CAB*)
  • Gather 7 More - (10 total = $100 CAB*)
  • Gather 15 More - (25 total = $300 CAB*)

BUILD A Team -

  • Build a Team -
  • Building Your Team – Sponsor New IBs ($50)

GET Promoted -

  • Get Promoted -
  • Get Promoted – Managing Consultant Compensation

About Power Priced

Founded in 2008, Power Priced is 100% debt-free, solid, experienced, and committed to YOUR financial freedom. We’re an innovative company offering households the freedom to choose their energy carriers, options in home automation products and, at the same time, providing savvy entrepreneurs the opportunity of a lifetime.

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